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About Us

Established in 1975, the Williamsburg Choral Guild has experienced growth in numbers and proficiency.  A mixed SATB chorus, the Guild enjoys the enthusiastic support of the Greater Williamsburg community as it fulfills its mission to bring magnificent choral music to Williamsburg, Virginia audiences.  Today membership numbers approximately 100 singers who share years of musical experience, a passion for choral music and a profound love of singing.

What We Sing

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Meet Our Artistic Director

Artistic Director Jay BeVille designs a season of music selected to illustrate an overarching theme.  Typically, the music ranges from the traditional (masterworks such as oratorios, masses, requiems) to the modern (compositions by contemporary composers).  The November and March concerts are more in the nature of “classical,” while the May performances tend to be light, often coming from stage or screen.

Artistic Director/Conductor Jay BeVille, who assumed leadership of the Guild in 2002, has consistently offered creative programming, introduced new works, involved young singers and highlighted professional vocal soloists. He is dedicated to creating musically interesting and thought-provoking programs designed to enrich the listeners’ – and singers’ – experience.

In November, a chamber orchestra enhances the performance, and each concert features professional soloists drawn from the region.  A pianist and/or organist accompanies the chorus at rehearsals and at the March and May programs.  On occasion other musicians are engaged, as required by the score.


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The Williamsburg Choral Guild is a proud member of Chorus America, a national association dedicated to promoting choral music of the highest caliber.
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